Investment Casting Solutions

At the UPC foundry in Israel we design and product custom-made steel and super alloy parts for a broad range of industries using cost-effective investment casting technology. Our experienced engineers welcome challenging projects to design the most intricate parts and work alongside our production teams in the same facility.

Our Services


Industrial pumps, flanges, industrial gas turbines, machinery blades, medical parts, transportation, optical and polarization computer hardware.


The aerospace market required very tight quality and precise parts.Parts include Stators for jet engine  , hinges, brackets, pipes, transfer units etc.

Military & Defense

UPC works closely with most advanced Israeli defense companies such as Rafael, Elbit , El-Op,  IAI etc, and is approved by IDF (Israeli Defense Force) as a supplier.

Our Customers


We believe that our customers’ needs always come first, so we strive to provide dedicated and professional services and solutions based on trust, business integrity and long-term commitment.

Our suppliers and customers are vital to our continued success. Forging trust-based relationships with each of them is a critical goal for us. Quality, corporate social responsibility and environmental protection are all embedded in our DNA, and we expect our suppliers to commit to them alongside us.

Military & Defense

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