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Quality &

Quality is an essential key that provides U.P.C with continuous competitiveness in the market.

Building strong relationships with our suppliers is essential to our success_ We expect supportive commitment to Quality through the maintenance of an effective Quality Management System (QMS), the strong foundation where the improvement of products, services, and processes are accomplished. Our suppliers are requested to comply with the ''Supplier Quality Requirements" document available at the here {LINK}

In-House Testing Labs


U.P.C ‘s metallurgical laboratory offers a wide range of highly accurate physical and chemical tests to the metal parts we produce. Among the non-destructive tests we offer are:

  • Radiographic inspection

  • Magnetic particle inspection

  • Liquid penetrant inspection

  • Spectrographic analysis


We are certified to the Aerospace Standard AS9100D and, and ISO 9001:2015, standards of excellence recognized around the world.

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