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About UPC 
Precision Castings

Investment casting can produce complicated shapes that would be too costly, difficult or even impossible to produce with machining. We harness U.P.C's decades of experience to produce anything from a large section stainless steel power turbine blade to a delicate medical tool wielded by a surgeon. We do it quickly with accuracy, repeatability, versatility and integrity in a variety of metals and high performance alloys.

At the U.P.C foundry in Israel we design and product custom-made steel and super alloy parts for a broad range of industries using cost-effective investment casting technology. Our experienced engineers welcome challenging projects to design the most intricate parts and work alongside our production teams in the same facility. 

Our Company 

We are a world-class investment casting foundry providing solutions for  the most advanced and sophisticated systems, with an impressive roster of satisfied clients, including major machinery industries, aerospace companies and the leading defense manufacturers in Israel, Europe – and the U.S.

Founded in 1933 by Urdan Industries, U.P.C. was acquired ten years later by management and is now privately-held.


We excel at providing a solution to the most unique and challenging niche of thin wall and complex  shape of cast parts.  We strive for excellence, pride ourselves on attention to detail and provide the best quality product, from design to delivery, at cost-efficient prices.

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