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Casting Solutions
for Your Industry

Investment casting can produce complicated shapes that would be too costly, difficult or even impossible to produce with machining. We harness decades of experience to produce anything from a large section stainless steel turbine blade to a delicate medical tool wielded by a surgeon. We do it quickly with accuracy, repeatability, versatility and integrity in a variety of metals and high performance alloys.


U.P.C has for many years produced industrial pumps, flanges, industrial gas turbines, machinery blades, medical parts, transportation, optical and polarization computer hardware.


Almost daily, new requests for very special and unique machinery parts are reviewed and are cast for a variety of customers in Israel and abroad, who need tailored cost-saving solutions and abilities.


The aerospace market requires extremely high quality and precise parts.


U.P.C works closely with aerospace companies in Israel and abroad.  Some of the parts produced include Gulfstream G280 twin-engine business jet, a compex transfer unit for the F-16 Vulcan machine-gun , parts for Honeywell, etc.


Parts include startors for jet engines , hinges, brackets, pipes, transfer units etc.


U.P.C is currently in the process of adding a new vacuum casting furnace to the plant, which will open a new area of aerospace parts made of Super Alloys and Titanium.

Military & Defense 

U.P.C works closely with most advanced Israeli defense companies such as Rafael, Elbit , El-Op,  IAI etc, and is approved by IDF (Israeli Defense Force) as a supplier.


Our parts can be found in the foremost  technological systems such as  'Iron Dome'  mobile air defense system , 'Trophy' - military active protection, tank transmissions, military vehicles, UAVs , rockets, missiles  and many other.


Its unique casting capabilities, especially the ability to cast precise parts with very thin walls and with a wide range of materials, makes U.P.C a preferred  supplier to the defense sector.

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